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Partitions and Walls
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Partitions and Walls

Within the branch of common or rendering bricks, presented by the Section of Partitions and Walls of HISPALYT, there are two types which are clearly differentiated: perforated bricks and hollow bricks. Hollow bricks come in their traditional format (metric or Catalan), and large-sized hollow bricks.

Building ceramic partitions and walls with common bricks is a guarantee of durability and mechanical, impact and suspended loads resistance, together with their exceptional qualities against fire. They also contribute to time and cost optimization without forgoing their high level of safety. Their ecological nature means that they are sustainable, hence establishing a greater commitment with the environment.

To promote these and other benefits, the Hispalyt Section of Partitions and Walls was created in 2004. The manufacturers forming part of this Section, continue to invest to adapt to new building demands, offering a wide range of top quality solutions.

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